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Emily Hauser blog, In My Head, 9/30/09:

"I recently reviewed After the Prophet for the Dallas Morning News. Had it been up to me, this is what the review would have looked like: OMG!! THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD!! IF THIS BOOK WERE A PERSON, I WOULD MARRY IT!! GO READ THIS BOOK!!!!

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Jack Saghir, on Amazon:
"A gripping tale wonderfully written. It was hard to put down once I started reading."

E. Lotfi, by email:
"Congratulations on such a fantastic and well written book. I could not put it down. You are a great story teller."

Sonia Ramagam, on Amazon:
"MARVELOUS!!! If one wants to understand Islam, this is the book that OUGHT to be read."

Rasha al-Mahroos, by email:
"Your book is truly wonderful. You tell an important story and you tell it well. I loved how the book was in novel format. It makes the story accessible to the average reader and it brings the characters to life."

Masud Hasnain, on Amazon and by email: "An amazing book, and an eye-opener.... A must read for anybody who wants to understand the full story behind the Shia Sunni split. If I ever hear somebody comment why do the Shias and Sunnis hate each other so much and kill in such a manner, I will tell them to read this book."

Earl Ganz, by email:
I've just finished 'After the Prophet.' Wow! I couldn't put it down. What a story! And you did it more than justice. In two hundred or so pages I learned more about Islam than I had in all that I've read from Edward Said to Jimmy Carter. You presented the passion of the religion, even to the point of understanding the 'real politik' actors of that time. And you avoided so many pitfalls of side-taking.

James Tupper, by email:
"I was up in the wee hours reading this book. At Reed College the introduction to a liberal arts education begins with the Odyssey followed by the Illiad. All freshman go through this ritual in the last warm days of summer in Portland. This should be the next book in the Humanities curriculum or at least the first book in the second semester before everyone comes out the Middle Ages to the glory of Shakespeare."

Dilara Hafiz, on Amazon:
"As a Sunni Muslim, I feel that I have been privileged to re-learn some history from a more objective viewpoint. Hazleton has written an educational, yet engrossing account of the 50 years following the death of Prophet Muhammad. Her sympathetic treatment of the main characters relies on historical accounts by the famed Islamic historian al-Tabari who died in 923AD, while her deft treatment of the implications of the Sunni-Shia split offer valid lessons to anyone interested in current events. Highly recommended to all who desire to delve deeper into history than the media soundbites of today - should be required reading for all reporters & journalists covering the Middle East!"

Richard Ricketts, by email:
"I found this book a very pleasurable read, but more importantly, a really clear explanation of the circumstances surrounding the immediate years following Muhammad’s death. I have traveled to the Middle East on several occasions and have an appreciation for the effect that history plays in the everyday lives of many people. What I didn’t appreciate, and it sounds strange to say, was the fact that history was made by people, with the many of the same weaknesses as we have today. Your book made these historical personalities real and placed them into historical context. Well done."

September 15, 2009
from Doubleday